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Successful brand entrance in eight steps:

So that your brand success at the German-speaking markets is protected with lasting effect, we go forward in eight steps:

1. Realisation of the desired business goals: Feasibility check and vote of the frame terms as well as definition of a possible exit strategy.

2. Analysis of the market and the product: Definition of the competition, limiting the target group, recognition of the market development as well as check of the product features and brand construction.

3. Budgeting: Planning of a coarse budget on the basis of the won knowledge.

4. Positioning of the brand: Definition of the brand identity, determine the brand strategy, separate the brand from competition (USP) and focus on the defined target group.

5. Development of the design and communication strategy: Formulate a customer relevant core message and combine advertisement, PR, offline-,online- and social media effectively with each other.

6. Definition of distribution strategy: Identification of suitable distribution channel, formulation of the sales argumentation, development of VKF activities.

7. Transformation: of the communication strategy, branding and acquisition of new customer.

8. Creation of necessary infrastructures: Construction of the required administration, IT organisation, employment recruiting, physical distribution and controlling.